Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Such Nice People, Really... Show Your Support!

This weeks ToF show features the 2010 Victoria Slam Team! It’s a fundraiser to help send the team to Ottawa for the National Slam and if you were there for their show earlier this year, make sure you see them again on Thursday to pick up your exclusive Slam Team CD. The team is crazy-busy, so we only had time for a few questions…

So... Ottawa, CFSW2010 and the National Slam await. How ya feelin as a team?

Things are coming together! We’re working on team pieces, supporting each other and importantly there is no drama!

What can the ToF & CFSW audiences expect from the 2010 VicSlam team? We know you well as individual poets, of course, but as a team is there anything special you have planned?

You can expect us to bring it! Come to the show and you’ll be the first to see our new team pieces. We think our team is strong enough to surprise some people in Ottawa and add to Victoria's growing reputation as a performance poetry hotspot.

What's the next poetry-related goal you want to fulfill?

Jeremy needs to get his chapbook out (he’s been pushing the release date back for years!) and he’s going to be putting more time into the youth outreach side of things and organizing youth slams here in Victoria. Megan (and possibly Matthew) are working on CD compilations and working with musicians.

We run your poetry through the ice-cream maker: what flavour do we get at the business end?

Some kinda Neopolitan but with extra awesome-sauce!

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