Friday, August 14, 2009

Text Poetry -Eyes Closed

At our first show of the season an interesting theme emerged- poets kept asking the audience to close their eyes or refer to 'eyes closed' sooooo....

We solicited text message poems based on the theme! This is what the ToF audience came up with:

"An eye closed sees only the entire interior Universe."

"eyes closed
dream of integrated hope
a democracy of idealistic joys
built by our better effort"

"In the darkness
Away from the lives of the world
I hide from the ruling blue.

"I want to paint eye balls on my lids so that I can see everything when I nap."

"If my eyes open when the sun
takes its daily trip across the sky
I will never feel the texture of blood
on my tongue again."

"Drfiting in and out.
Flashing colors across the eyelid screen
as my other senses yawn
and wake up."

"When I close my eyes
I shut out the other
and am only

"Crashed, collided iris at iris
beyond the final insertion
beyond the least connection

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