Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Snap?

A poet forgets their line, and into the silence comes a chorus of snaps...

A performer says something heavy on the mic, and is answered by approving snaps...

What is this snap thing we do anyway?

Well. I guess you could say it goes all the way back to the beat poets, with their berets and smokey lounges. But I think there are some good reasons to snap instead of clap at a poetry reading.

First, when a poet forgets a line, it's a sign of encouragement, and a way to fill the dead air with something while they remember. Snapping is support without interruption.

Second, when a poet says something that really resonates with you, you can snap your approval instead of clapping, again, this shows support without interruption.

So snap away baby! The power is in your fingers.

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