Thursday, March 5, 2009

ToF: Building Our Community

Almost twenty people showed up on Monday night to discuss the accomplishments of Tongues of Fire and to dream about the coming year. And boy, is it going to be a big one!

The great news is, that thanks to our grant, this is one poetry scene that is actually breaking even. Thanks to Janice our amazing treasurer.

ToF is hosting the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) so all extra funds will go to putting that event on. Also, we plan to use Poetry in the Raw as a fundraiser.

ToF usually takes a break in the summer, but with the festival coming up, we voted to take a shorter break and come back full swing in August. There will be a show in June as part of the Festival of the Folk and Full shows in August. Now you'll get poetry in the summer too!

We ended the meeting with a lively discussion of where to go with Tongues of Fire next year. We still have several months after the festival to plan extra shows and build our capacity. We voted to make a new workshop director, who will bring requests forward and make extra shows and workshops happen. So if you have an idea- let us know!

Finally, thanks to all the volunteers who raised a hand and are now going to be helping out. Interested? There's always room for more- we need door people, sound, grant writers etc. Just ask the host at any ToF show.

Sound exciting? We certainly think so. 2009 is the Year of the Fire. Tongues of Fire, that is.

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